The Foundation’s objectives are the following:
To promote and spread knowledge of the history of industrial design as an integral part of cultural heritage of the community.
To promote research in the field of automotive technology and of motors of all kinds of vehicles.
To foment research, study and experimentation of new methods and techniques related to the aforementioned.
To collaborate towards the sustenance of non-profit entities which are active in this field of research and culture.
To provide assistance to persons without resources seeking to undertake research projects in the fields that comprise the objective of this Foundation.
To institute and award a prize, under Eduardo Barreiros’ name, to publicly recognize the merits of those projects that, due to their particular value, and within the previously mentioned fields, deserve it.
Towards the fulfillment of its goals, the Foundation focuses its attention on four sectors:
The World of Culture. In visual arts, painting, sculpture, literature, film. The appearance of the automobile in the 20th century was a decisive event that influenced the life and work of artists and intellectuals.
The World of Business. Our objective is to promote and spread knowledge of Eduardo Barreiros as an entrepreneur, so that he may serve as an example above all to the youngest generations; to transmit and foment his spirit, as well as demonstrate to them that beginning with little, one can achieve great things. It is important to bring to light and emphasize the experience and testimonies of many entrepreneurs, who show great merit and success, but who are not sufficiently recognized, perhaps because of the lack of a cult of entrepreneurism in our country.
In the Social Sector. Through collaborations with various organizations, such as ONCE and AESLEME, with whom we have signed agreements in order to facilitate visits to The Eduardo Barreiros Museum, adapting it and making it accessible for blind and handicapped persons, who provide an example for their admirable capacity for overcoming adversity.
The Academic Sector. By awarding grants, in the form of The Eduardo Barreiros Chair, and different academic activities such as workshops, courses, round tables, etc...
Other Projects. Supporting research and the automotive industry. Our activities include awarding biennially two national Eduardo Barreiros prizes, one to a person of renowned prestige and another to a research project within the automotive sector (which breaches questions such as road safety, environment, engineering, mechanics, design, history, research and development, etc.)
International Conferences. One of the most relevant activities of The Eduardo Barreiros Foundation, due to its reach and repercussions, both in terms of the participation of individuals of national and international prestige, and for the content of its presentations, are the biennial International Conferences.
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Eduardo Barreiros Este empresario gallego, de origen modesto y sin estudios superiores, levantó un gran complejo industrial que contribuyó decisivamente a la motorización de España.
Museo Eduardo Barreiros Dentro de los museos de tecnología es una muestra especializada, la primera dedicada en España a una figura relevante en el mundo de la automoción.

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