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The Eduardo Barreiros Foundation has been organizing its biennial International Conferences since 2000. They are the landmark activities of the Foundation. The participants are figures of national and international prestige; the contents of their papers are of a high level and great interest, a fact confirmed by their subsequent publication - and the papers themselves have always been widely disseminated and had a great impact.

When we consider today all the projects and activities that the Foundation has carried out in the last ten years, its trajectory seems logical; however, it began as just a brilliant idea. To transform the idea into reality has been the result of the enthusiasm and determination of all the people committed to it, and of the efficiency demonstrated in organizing and mobilizing people and resources. It all started with the idea of holding an international conference about the automotive sector that would convene some of the leading experts and managers of the automotive world. After much work and the abiding conviction that it could be done, a wonderful program was organized, with conferences of great interest that, given the prominence of the participants and the relevance of the topics they addressed in their lectures, logically had great repercussions in the media. This is an achievement of which the Foundation feels particularly proud.

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Museo Eduardo Barreiros Dentro de los museos de tecnología es una muestra especializada, la primera dedicada en España a una figura relevante en el mundo de la automoción.
Publicaciones de la fundacion La Fundación publica periódicamente monografías y libros que recogen las actividades de la Fundación - como son las Conferencias Internacionales y diferentes actividades académicas - así como algunas de las exposiciones que se han realizado a lo largo de estos años.

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