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1st International Conference on the Automotive Sector (2000)

Madrid, November 27 to 29, 2000. Winterthur Auditorium, Madrid

This first conference was structured into four sessions:
"Economics of the automobile industry"
"The car in the economic history of Spain"
"The car: design and the environment"
"The car: a source of inspiration”

Upon concluding the First International Conference, a colloquium was held at the Barreiros Museum on 30 November entitled: “Automobility: a possible future in the history of the automobile.” The purpose of the meeting was to highlight the value of the history of the automotive world and the hobby of collecting cars, which is part of the cultural heritage of a society. The participants exchanged experiences on the recovery and conservation of this heritage

27 Noviembre, 2000


? HM King Juan Carlos I
? María Dorinda Ramos, Eduardo Barreiros’ widow, Honorary President of the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
? Mariluz Barreiros, President of the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
? Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, President of the Community of Madrid
? Anna Birulés, Minister of Science and Technology
? José María Álvarez del Manzano, Mayor of Madrid
? Loyola de Palacio, Vice President and Commissioner for Transport and Energy of the European Commission
? Giovanni Agnelli, Honorary Chairman of Fiat SPA

FIRST SESSION «Economics of the automobile industry»

COORDINATOR: Professor Álvaro Cuervo
INTRODUCTION: Carlos Solchaga, Former Minister of Industry and Energy
LECTURER: Bernd Pischetsrieder, President Seat Spain
«The future of the automobile industry in Europe»
LECTURER: Juan José Sanz, President Opel Spain
«Management instruments for the coming years»
INTRODUCTION: Ignacio Bayon, Former Minister of Industry and Energy
LECTURER: Magda Salarich, CEO Citroën Europe
«Europe seen through different eyes»

28 November, 2000

LECTURER : José Ramón Álvarez Rendueles, President Peugeot Spain
«Information and transportation technologies in the automobile industry»

ROUND TABLE: «Recent advances and developments in cell phone technology for the automotive sector»
MODERATOR: José Luis Ripoll, CEO Airtel Foundation
Ignacio Rodriguez Rodriguez, Operations Director of Access and Radio Comunications divisions, Alcatel Spain
Gunilla Nordström, Vice-president and CEO Bilbao Technology Centre, Ericsson -Spain
José Luis Pérez López, Director Cell Phones Division Siemens Spain

LECTURER: Luis Gámir, President SEMAT
«Rail transport of automobiles and its logistics»

ROUND TABLE:  «The auxiliary and components industry»
MODERATOR: Luis Blázquez, Economic Adviser, Community of Madrid
Pedro Echevarria, Secretary of the Board Mondragón Corporation
Manuel Temiño, CEO Grupo Antolín Irausa
José María Pujol,  President Sernauto y Ficosa
José Ramón Sanz, President Dalphi Metal Spain

SECOND SESSION «The car in the economic history of Spain»

COORDINATOR: Antonio Gómez Mendoza
INTRODUCTION: Jordi Nadal, Universidad de Barcelona
«The car in the economic history of Spain»
LECTURER: Patrick Fridenson, École des Hautes Études in Social Sciences
«Specifics of the European automobile industry»
LECTURER: José Luis García Ruiz, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
«The car and the Spanish economy of the 20th century: a comparative perspective»

ROUND TABLE: «Vision and personal experiences. Historical notes and experiences
related to the automotive industry in Spain»
INTRODUCTION: Juan Miguel Antoñanzas, President, ASEPA (Spanish Association of
Automotive Professionals)
Íñigo Cavero, President of the Spanish Council of State
Claudio Boada, Honorary President Banco Central Hispano

29 November, 2000

THIRD SESSION «The car: design and the environment»

INTRODUCTION: Francisco Aparicio, Vice President of ASEPA and Director of INSIA
LECTURER: Andrew Graves, University of Bath
«Global Competitiveness and the Automotive Industry - the road to the 3DayCar»

ROUND TABLE: «New trends in design»
MODERATOR: Francisco Aparicio, Vice President, ASEPA and Director of INSIA
Walter de Silva, Seat Design Center, Barcelona
David Ancona, Volvo Design Center, Barcelona

INTRODUCTION: Germán López, President of Madrid Volvo, Spain
LECTURER: Carlo Rubbia, Nobel Prize in Physics
«Hydrogen fuel: a cultural revolution»

ROUND TABLE: «The environment: fuel and recycling»
MODERATOR: Juan Llorens. President Universal Asistencia Grupo RACC
Xavier Pastor, Executive Director, Greenpeace
Rudolf Petersen, Director of the Division of Transport, Wuppertal Institute

FOURTH SESSION«The car: A source of inspiration»

ROUND TABLE: «The car, a source of inspiration. Dynamics of motion on wheels»
MODERATOR: Fernando Delgado
Alejandro Amenábar, Film Director
Eduardo Arroyo, Painter
Antonio Muñoz Molina, Writer
Antonio Fernández Alba, Architect
Alberto Portera, Neurologist
Vicente Verdú, Writer and Journalist


INTRODUCTION: Jaime Carvajal,  President Ford Spain
LECTURER: Daniel Roos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
«The Automobile and the New Economy»

CLOSSING REMARKS: Rodrigo Rato, Second Vice-president of the Spanish Government and Minister of Economy


Hosted by Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, President of the Community of Madrid at the Casa de Correos (Post Office House).


Barreiros Museum, Valdemorillo (Madrid), 30 November, 2000

The culmination of the 1st International Conference on the Automotive Sector was a colloquium held at the Barreiros Museum in which some of the directors of the major automotive museums in the world participated. The meeting of the foremost collectors and museum managers in the motor sector helped to unite different people and experiences. Two common features were evident at first glance. First, personal enthusiasm and family pride have been the impetus for the creation of collections and museums. Second, the desire to learn, contact with other museums, and the relationship with institutions and the public have allowed family museums to become part of the common cultural heritage of many people, without losing their private status. The colloquium was a success not only due to the contents of the lectures, but also because of the level of the audience, which made the subsequent discussions very interesting.

Participating museums and other related institutions:

Museo Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentina
National Motor Museum of Great Britain
Museo Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz), Stuttgart, Germany
World Forum for Motor Museum
Association des Musées d’Automobiles, France
Collecció d’Automòbils de Salvador Claret, Girona, Spain
Museo de la Automoción, Salamanca, Spain
Fundación RACE

INTRODUCTION: Mariluz Barreiros President, Eduardo Barreiros Foundation

INTRODUCTION: Fernando Falcó y Fernández de Córdova President, RACE
LECTURE:«Automobility: a possible future in the history of the automobile: What do we have? What do we want? How can we achieve it?»
Salvador Claret Collecció d’Automòbils de Salvador Claret
Antonio Eduardo Mandiola Museo Juan Manuel Fangio

INTRODUCTION: Antonio Iglesias Fundación RACE
LECTURE: «From a private collection to the National Motor Museum of Great Britain»
Lord Montagu of Beaulieu National Motor Museum of Great Britain
LECTURE: «The association of motor museums»
Demetrio Gómez-Planche Museo de la Automoción, Salamanca
Dominique Dubarry Association des Musées d’Automobiles, France

INTRODUCTION: Fausto Saavedra President, Fundación RACE
LECTURE: «Daimler Chrysler: The role and responsabilities of single-brand museums»
Wolfgang Rolli Director, Daimler-Benz Museum


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