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6th International Conference: The Sustainable City (2010)

Madrid, October 5 to 7, 2010. MAPFRE Auditorium
The Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and Fundación MAPFRE organized their Sixth International Conference, entitled THE SUSTAINABLE CITY. The focus of this meeting was the new technologies, the political and economic strategies at the international level, and urban planning within the context of a more sustainable society.
Under discussion are the alternative sources of energy and urban transportation, the role of corporations in technological development applied to the automotive industry, and the new proposals of architects and urban planners of international prestige in building sustainable cities.
These are key issues to achieve a more efficient urban development in environmental terms. They will be addressed by individual speakers and round tables, and open to general debate.
5 OCTOBER, 2010
 Opening Session
? María Dorinda Ramos, Eduardo Barreiros’ Widow, Honorary President of the  Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
? Mariluz Barreiros, President of the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
? José Manuel Martínez, President of  MAPFRE and Fundación MAPFRE
 Opening lecture
INTRODUCTION: Javier Solana, former Secretary-General of the Council of the   European Union and European Foreign Policy Chief
 LECTURER: Mijail Gorbachov, former President of the Soviet Union

6 OCTOBER, 2010
ROUND TABLE:    New Horizons in the Automobile Industry
MODERATOR: Timoteo de la Fuente, General Secretariat for Industrial Sector Policies, Ministry of Industry, Spain
Miguel Antoñanzas, President, E.ON España 
Luca Ciferri, Senior correspondent, Automotive News
Eduardo González Gómez, Director-General of Energy& Sustainability,   FCC
Jean Pierre Laurent, President, Renault España

ROUND TABLE:   Rising to the Challenge of Efficient Urban Construction
MODERATOR: Luis Fernández-Galiano, Architect and Director of Arquitectura Viva
Gerard Evenden, Architect, Foster + Partners
Léon Krier, Architect and Urban Planner
Jaime Lerner, Architect and Urban Planner
7 OCTOBER, 2010
Closing Session
LECTURE: Government policies and strategies. Commitments for sustainability
INTRODUCTION: Manuel Marín, President of Fundación IBERDROLA
LECTURER: Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway, former Chairwoman of the United Nations World Commission for the Environment. Author of the Brundtland Report that defined the concept of sustainable development.


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