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5th International Conference: Sustainability and the Automobile (2008)

Madrid, September 29 to 30, 2008. MAPFRE Auditorium

The Eduardo Barreiros Foundation and MAPFRE held their Fifth International Conference: Sustainability and The Automobile. The focus of this conference was sustainable development in the automotive century. The mobility provided by the car is an important factor in the development of nations, but it also consumes a significant share of oil reserves and has a major impact on the environment, with emissions such as CO2 that affect air quality and significantly contribute to global warming.
Sustainable mobility must allow for the development transportation while having the lowest possible impact on society and the environment. This will require not only technological changes but also changes in human behavior and governmental policies.

29 September, 2008


Esperanza Aguirre President of the Community of Madrid
Teresa Santero Secretary of Industry, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism
María Dorinda Ramos Eduardo Barreiros’ widow, Honorary President
of the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
Mariluz Barreiros President of the Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
José Manuel Martínez President of MAPFRE

Opening lecture

INTRODUCTION Juan José Almagro President of the Human Resources Unit. Director of Communication
and Social Responsibility, MAPFRE
LECTURER Tony Blair Former British Prime Minister

30 September, 2008

ROUND TABLE «Sustainable mobility: Energy efficiency in transport».
MODERATOR Jesús Casanova Chaired Professor and Director of the Energy Engineering Department of the Advanced Technical School of Industrial Engineering (UPM)
Honorato López-Isla Vicepresident & CEO UNION FENOSA
Esteban Morrás General Manager of ACCIONA Energy Division
Antonio Vallespir Executive Vicepresident & General Manager of ABENGOA BIOENERGIA

ROUND TABLE «Sustainable mobility: Alternative energy sources and the automobile».
MODERADOR Álvaro Cuervo Professor of Business Organization. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Fernando D’Ornellas CEO of the Bergé Group
Katsuhito Ohno President of Toyota Spain
Francisco Riberas CEO of Grupo GESTAMP-GONVARRI


ROUND TABLE «For a Sustainable Future »
MODERADOR Manuel Marin President of Fundación Iberdrola
José María Figueres Former President of Costa Rica and Former CEO of the World Economic Forum
Nicholas Stern Former Chief Economist at the World Bank and Advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Author of a British governmental paper, a document known as “The Stern Review”, which evaluates the impact of climate change on the world economy


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